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  • Welcome to Ocean View

    We invite you to come worship with us.

    After a careful assessment of the icy conditions in our church parking lot, and noting that the weather will continue to be below freezing, we have decided to cancel all worship services on Saturday night, January 6th and Sunday, January 7th. While the main roads have improved, parking lots, driveways and side roads continue to be very dangerous. Of utmost importance to us is your safety. We will be announcing the cancellation of all worship services on TV, our website, phone system, Facebook pages and Daily News. Please assist us in getting the word out to all those who might not see our announcements. Thank you…God Bless and let’s meet together next weekend. 

    Please note: A large portion of the Keziah Street parking lot has been cordoned off, and the main sanctuary doors cannot be used at this time. Thank you.

    Whether you’re planning a trip to the beach, looking for a new church home, or already a part of our church community, we’re glad you stopped by. Ocean View offers a multitude of services as well as opportunities to serve and grow in Our Lord… we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in these pages. If you haven’t visited with us before, please send us an e-mail or contact us at (910)278-5973 and let us know how we may be of service to you! Come and visit with us at 8400 E. Oak Island Drive, Oak Island, NC

    Saturday Service

    6:00 PM in our Small Chapel

    Sunday Services:

    8:15 AM – Traditional 9:30 AM – Contemporary 11:00 AM – Spirited Traditional __________________________________________________________________________

    Lead Pastor:  MICHELLE SABIN  •  Associate Pastor: RICK RUSSELL 


    Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors.  

    The people of The United Methodist Church


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    Ocean View UMC Safe Sanctuary Policy

  • Sermon Schedule


    (Scriptures are NRSV, unless otherwise stated.)


    A Saturday Evening Intimate Service is held at 6 PM in the church chapel.


    Sunday Sermon Topics

    January 7, 2018–Matthews 2:1-12; “The Star Still Shines”

    January 14, 2018–Mark 1:4-11–“Beloved, Still”

    January 21, 2018–New Series begins:  “Upside Down,” Jacob Armstrong.

    “We will listen to the voice of someone who is definitely different—Jesus!  The things he said shocked…the way he lived surprised…the people he associated with offended the religious leaders of the day.  He turned the expected on its head.  If what was predictable was right side up, then Jesus turned things upside down.”

    January 21, 2018–Matthew 5:1-12—Upside Down 1–“Happiness Redefined”

    January 28, 2018–Mathew 5:13-20—Upside Down 2–“You Can Change Your World”

    February 4, 2018–Matthew 5:21-37—Upside Down 3–“A Higher Standard”

    February 11, 2018–Matthew 5:38-48–Upside Down 4–“Love the Ones You Hate”


  • Staff & Leadership

    Lead Pastor, Michelle Sabin

    Email: Michelle Sabin
    (910)278-5973 ext. 111

    Associate Pastor, Rick Russell

    Email: Pastor Rick Russell
    (910)278-5973 ext. 210

    Lisa Clark - Office Administrator

    Lisa Clark
    Email: Lisa Clark
    (910)278-5973 ext. 114
    Bulletin Submission

    Please keep in mind that bulletin inserts, if absolutely necessary, must be received in the office by 9:00AM on Wednesday, and should be formatted to run on one half sheet. Advertising in the bulletin should preferably be kept to a brief blurb unless a form for submission is needed.

    Greg Walker – Director of Music

    Email: Greg Walker

    Karen Henzel- Financial Secretary

    Email: Karen Henzel
    (910)278-5973 ext. 118

    Bev Dwane- Adult Intentional Faith Development Coordinator

    Email: Bev Dwane
    (910)278-5973 ext. 119

    Christine Burke – Custodian

    Email: Christine Burke
    (910)278-5973 ext. 213

    Stacie Douglas - Nursery Coordinator


    (910)278-5973 ext. 214

    Marc Henzel - Sound Technician




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    Ocean View Church Council Members
    and Church Committee Members
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  • Our Mission Statement

    The mission of Ocean View United Methodist Church is to make Disciples of Jesus Christ and to live the Gospel so that every person within our reach comes to experience the love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit.
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    Service Times & Directions

    Location of OVUMC

    8400 East Oak Island Drive
    Oak Island, NC 28465

    Saturday – 6:00 PM
    Service of Prayer, Praise, and Holy Communion

    Sunday Services: 8:15 AM – Traditional

    Sunday Services: 9:30 AM – Contemporary

    Sunday Services: 11:00 AM – Spirited Traditional