Your Finance Team

Church Council approved the 2018 Budget in their December 2017 meeting.

givingico givingico givingico Summary Budget

The budget document (available for download on this page) is an annual Summary Budget, showing only those line items that have been funded for 2018 Designated Special Funds are not included as budget items, since they are typically paid out as donations are received. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Beverly Ricks, Treasurer, or Robert Hyatt , Financial Chair, 2018.

Treasurer’s ReportThe latest approved quarterly financial Treasurer’s Report is also available for download on this page.  Clicking on the “Financial Status” icon will download the report to your computer.


We will continue to work to fund the budgeted ministries and missions of Ocean View, and to assure that our obligations and bills are all paid on time and in full. With God’s help, we can achieve this goal..

We pray that God will continue to bless Ocean View UMC, so that we might become an even bigger blessing to others and to our community.