Prison Ministry

Kairos Prison Ministry

Kairos Prison MinistryOcean View is active in the Kairos Prison Ministry serving the prison needs at Pender Correctional Institution in Burgaw, NC.

The Ocean View Prison Ministry  supports the Kairos Prison Ministry by participating in the 3-day program that is held at Pender Correctional Institution in Burgaw, NC.

Ways to help with Ocean View’s Prison Ministry

For Kairos (Pender Correctional Institute)

Click on Kairos Ministry to read how you can help with the Kairos Ministry weekend.

Prayers – Pray for the ones that go inside the prisons and jails, that what they say will help show God’s love. Pray for the inmates that they will feel the Grace of God surrounding them with His love.

Volunteer – Both men and women can attend a Kairos weekend but it is men only who can work on the inside team. Considerable help is needed on the outside support team which prepares meals and performs numerous other duties to facilitate the inside work going smoothly.

Make Placemats – Homemade placemats are needed for the Kairos event. These placements show the inmates that people they don’t even know are praying and care about them.

Financial Support – If you would like to financially support Ocean View Prison ministry, make your check payable to Ocean View UMC, noting “Prison Ministry” on memo line or donate online noting “Prison Ministry”.  Most of the money raise will be used to purchase Bibles for the local jail ministry and to sponsor an inmate for the Kairos weekend.


If you would like to be a part of Ocean View’s Prison Ministry, email Rick Russell or contact him at 910-547-1651.

Some of the comments that have been made by inmates served by the Prison Ministry are:

“In 1979 I was a clergy, I fell away, was 7 years off track, and didn’t stop until brought to prison.” Kairos reminded him of old camp meetings, “I felt the presence of God, and came in lukewarm. It’s not about being in or out of prison, but being in Him. I am leaving here stronger and renewed.”

“The Lord is coming back soon in each and every person’s life. There are a lot of world calamities in the world today. You don’t know when it’s your day. We are all different colors—one blood—Jesus Christ.”

“I came in knowing the word but didn’t show it or live it. God is good, all the time.”

“I was angry with God, mad. I found prayers answered, and I am leaving with a new love for God.”

“I came in with an attitude and a hat. I still have the hat when I leave, amazed that there are still people that care, I’m taking away hope and happiness.”

“I felt a lot of love. The forgiveness papers just disappeared. I am having so much fun that I’m not sure if I am in the penitentiary or not. I’m just so happy, this experience has made me turn back to Him.”

“I found joy, happiness, learned how to share. This experience really touched my heart, and God has changed me.”

“I was saved less than 1 year ago. I’ve been backsliding. I allowed the Devil to tell me that God wouldn’t forgive me or accept me. I found out how Jesus wants us to treat others. I found action. I should glorify God in my conduct.”